Use This Success Trigger to Stop Insulting People

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When was the last time you watched a commercial and crinkled your nose and said, “Ugh! That commercial is so stupid!”

Or you were looking at website and said, “This popup is so IRRITATING. Why would they ever do that??”

Or (this is my favorite), you say, “Why doesn’t HBO just sell Game of Thrones on iTunes? They’re so dumb! DUH!!!!”

Let’s get real. HBO is a lot smarter than you. And if you go through life criticizing companies and people (as 99% of us do, me included), you miss out on something magical.


In other words, you can disparage these people..or you could say, Hey, maybe they know more than I do. What do they know that I don’t?

This is a powerful Success Trigger, and one that I’m introducing you to today.

Introducing the D-to-C Principle
When I was spending most of my time in my SF apartment, I was surrounded by a lot of engineers. They are brilliant at what they do. But they also have very curious beliefs about the world works (AKA they are often wrong, and they’re SURE their worldview is right).

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For example, they would crinkle their nose at companies that advertise in Times Square. “So stupid!” they would rant. “They’re just wasting $50K/day in untracked advertising!”

And all the other engineers would laugh haughtily.

I’m like, WTF is wrong with you? These companies have been around for 100 years. They’re WAY smarter than you or me. Instead of criticizing them…maybe we should try to understand them. What do they know that we don’t?


They stared at me, then went back to coding. I contemplated ways to kill myself using a nail file and a keyboard.

Easy to laugh at them. Yet we ALL do this.

I loved seeing an internet forum full of keyboard warriors saying things like…

  •  “Why do they try to get me to sign up for an email newsletter? Email is dead.”
  • “Ugh, he uses those long-copy pages. Only scammers use long copy.”
  • “Why don’t they just reveal their price on their web page? If I don’t see a price, I just leave.”

EACH OF THESE COMMENTS ARE UNBELIEVABLY CLUELESS. I know, since I’ve tested each one. Doing just these 3 things has been worth millions for me. Yet these critics were incredibly sure of themselves.

Instead of saying, “Ugh! They’re so stupid!” they could have said, hmmm….what does he know that I don’t?


I went through this experience when I started learning about sophisticated direct-response marketing. I thought all long-copy pages and infomercials were scams. But I decided to set aside my skepticism, study them carefully, see what works and what didn’t, and decide what was ethical and what wasn’t. And I learned several insights that I never would have encountered…if I’d remained SKEPTICAL.

This one mental model — from D to C — is an example of a Success Trigger, a “shortcut” you can use to emulate top performers.

Once I learned this Success Trigger (among others), it changed everything for me. Instead of of criticizing car companies, or the local mom-and-pop shop, or even a friend, I forced myself to try to understand WHY they were doing what they were doing. From DISPARAGEMENT to CURIOSITY. And it’s opened my eyes to all kinds of deep insights I never would have realized if I’d stuck with my old mental model.

Listen, I get it — it feels GOOD to say, “How dumb!” (I do it myself, and I have to constantly force myself to go from D-to-C.) But when you have this Success Trigger, it’s truly a mental shortcut you can keep in your back pocket and apply EVERYWHERE.

Yes, this principle alone been worth millions of dollars. But it’s also helped me hone my social skills and become far more empathetic.



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