Surprising habit that may keep you broke

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Take this in…

The year was 1661 and a young 19 years old student named Isaac Newton first attended the University of Cambridge.
Unfortunately, in the summer of 1665 the University closed for nearly two years because of an outbreak of the plague.
With nowhere to learn, Newton returned home and started thinking… Thinking and concentrating on mathematics and physics.
It was at this time that he came up with some of the worlds biggest scientific breakthroughs.
Lesson for you?

It may sound counter intuitive… But your biggest breakthroughs will happen when you…

Stop learning… and start thinking.

Another case in point.

Young Albert Einstein – During school, none of his teachers held any regard for Einstein saying he was lazy, sloppy and defiant.
What they thought was laziness was actually boredom.
Instead of memorizing facts and dates (like mainstream schooling), Einstein preferred to ponder questions about light, time and space.
He’d often skip class and go home to think and read about the newest in scientific theory
After graduating, he struggled to find work because none of his teachers liked him enough to write him a recommendation letter.
He eventually got a job as a clerk at a patent office. A job that required very little (if any) of Einstein’s brainpower.
It was during this time he had space to think.
With just pen, paper, and his brain, Albert Einstein revolutionized science as we know it today.

Question for you…

When was the last time you added “Thinking time” to your busy schedule?

One of the most successful entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, openly admits to not being a big reader.
He’s more of an intuitive thinker.
Again… when was the last time you created space in your busy diary to stop learning… and start thinking.
It should be a daily ritual.
To your success

Sean Roach & The Catapult Team


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