The Hidden Treasure in Procrastination

With thanks to Rebecca Fine from the Science of Getting Rich

“When you are in doubt, wait.”

  — Wallace Wattles, in The Science of Getting Rich

Now that title above may strike you as somewhat odd, especially
in January when it seems everyone is exhorting us to get busy
and make big changes.

But consider this: Sometimes when you find yourself putting off
particular actions, it’s because your inner self is signalling
you that you are simply not READY to take those actions yet.

And that’s because you haven’t gotten your habitual THINKING
in harmony with whatever it is you want to be, do, or have.

Mr. Wattles tells us that action taken from a place of fear or
doubt or from motivations that aren’t truly in our best
interests (such as acting simply because OTHER people want us to
do something that pleases THEM, for example) can’t move us
toward the manifestation of our desires.

Why? Because when we’re holding ANY kind of thoughts that cause
us to feel bad, it’s a sure sign that we’re moving AWAY from
the completion of our desires rather than toward them. In those
times our thoughts simply are not in harmony with our desires.
Instead they’re harmonizing with the absence or lack of those
things we desire, and we are then attracting more of the lack.

So forcing ourselves to take action when our
thoughts are focused negatively (away from
what we want to experience), doesn’t really
make much sense at all, does it?

Now this doesn’t mean not to jump right into action — even
intense, huge, MAJOR action — when you DO feel good. Mr.
Wattles also says this:

“Do not be afraid to make a sudden and
radical change if the opportunity is
presented and you feel after careful
consideration that it is the right
opportunity …”

And he completes that encouragement with this reminder:

” … but never take sudden or radical
action when you are in doubt as to the
wisdom of doing so.”

What it all boils down to, really, is simply paying attention to
your True Self, that inner guide that always lets you know
what’s really right for YOU, regardless of what anyone or
anything outside yourself may think. And the simplest way to
“listen” to that guide is simply to ask yourself:

How do I FEEL right now? How do I feel when I’m thinking THIS

My friend, if your thought is filling you with joy, enthusiasm,
love, or anything else that feels wonderful, then your thoughts
are harmonizing with your “clear mental image,” and you are in a
place to take powerful, “efficient” action.

And if your thought is filling you with dread, guilt, shame,
unhappiness, or anything else that feels BAD, well, what does
THAT tell you? ;-D

“Power is at your service, and to make each
act efficient you have only to put power into
it. Every action is either strong or weak,
and when every action is strong, you are
acting in the certain way which will make you

Sometimes procrastination is just your True Self letting you know
— through your mind and body — that any action you take right
now would NOT be strong and efficient but quite the opposite.

When that’s the case, what’s called for is to use your greatest
power, the power of your mind, to shift to thoughts that please
and delight you to the point of INSPIRED action.

And then, my friend, you are TRULY powerful!


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