How are you tracking? Even better – Are You Tracking???

I was just thinking, it is July 24 and the year is 7/12 over, and the thought I had was how was I tracking?

The answer is I am getting better.

The thought I then had was that how were other people tracking… This led then to the thought, Are you actually tracking.

There is the old saying, that You can’t manage what you don’t measure! So if you are trying to achieve some goals, are you measuring your results; your activity; your behaviours; your attitude.

Basically, Are you on Track.

The funny thing is that most people start out the year with New Year’s resolutions, unfortunately most don’t make it till the end of January.

For those that make it past January, many don’t make it till the end of March. The biggest challenge is that we lose motivation, direction, focus.

I have almost finished Dry July – this is a fund raising activity for Cancer, based around the concept, that you don’t drink any alcohol for the month of July. My reason was to assist my weight loss goals. This is something that I have been “Trying” to do since Christmas when I added a few extra “Kegs” (kilograms) and to my dismay haven’t been able to displace.

The funny thing is that pre Christmas I used to measure a few key areas once a week, as well as tracking my weight daily. For most of 2011 this allowed me to maintain my weight at a steady level. The sad thing is that I crashed my hard drive pre Christmas and stopped tracking the body measurements, just kept weighing myself. 

The interesting thing is that even though I kept focused on my weight for the previous 6 months, no real change except for Up.

Since July however, I have re-introduced the body measurements and low and behold, lost 2.5cms around my waist and 3cm around my butt, Fairly good results. My weight has dropped marginally.

For all those fitness freaks they will tell you muscle weighs more than fat, so in a proper weight loss program initially you can lose size and not necessarily lose any weight as you lose fat and replace it with Muscle.

So as I have found out, even though I was tracking my results, I wasn’t tracking all the required results.

This can easily be translated to your business and other goals that you may be looking to achieve.

The line to remember is “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” and the other follow up is “what gets measured improves”.

Here’s to a wonderful rest of the calendar year or a great start to the financial year.

Track what you do if it is important to you.



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