What is it that Holds us Back?

One of the traits that distinguishes humans from the rest of life on the planet is our ability to choose and to strive to continually get better.

We all dream of what is possible and what could be. However, for many, that is all they are…DREAMS. Our inability to take those dreams and turn them into reality can actually become more of a threat to our existence than the driver to take us forward.

What is it that holds us back?

There are many different reasons that are thrown up as an answer to this question.

  • Fear
  • Not wanting to be different / conforming
  • Low self esteem
  • Doubting our ability to achieve our dreams
  • Not believing we Deserve it
  • and many others.

How do we overcome these issues. In the main everyone has periods of doubt in their ability to achieve their dreams and goals. The successful people are those that are able to work through those perceived obstacles. For most people however, those challenges take on varying degrees of power over the individual that is impacted by them.

A number of tools that can be used to overcome these challenges include:

  • Meditation – silence
  • Visualisation – focusing on your dreams
  • Affirmations

All of these techniques are about managing our thoughts and the constant chatter that affects us all. A good friend of mine calls this voice NEESU (Never ever ever shuts Up). Your ability to manage this voice plays a large part in your ability to make your dreams come true.

As the saying goes “If you can dream it you can achieve it”,

What is it that you Dream About?

What is it that Holds you Back?

What is your favourite Tool to manage your Thoughts?

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Have a great week.



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