Do you Know what Drives You?

We’ve all heard of the conscious and the sub-conscious (or unconscious) mind.

But do we really know what they are?

Do we know what they mean?

I have heard that 96-98% of what we do each day is controlled by our sub-conscious, that is our beliefs and habits.

This is not bad in actual point of fact it is necessary. If you think about it, if you had to consciously remember to breathe, dry yourself when you bathe, brush your teeth, etc we wouldn’t really get much done. So the menial and repetitive tasks get programmed into our subconscious for it to take care of.

Now for a lot of things, that works really well. However, I don’t know about you, but along the way I seem to have picked up some habits and beliefs about certain things, people, events that don’t actually help me or in some cases they are downright harmful.

So why do we allow this to happen? (although for most people they aren’t even aware they have control over it.)

We allow this to happen, because most people don’t actually get shown how to manage their thoughts, awareness, and beliefs. So what they get are the default settings based on their families, environment, religious upbringing, schools etc.

So what is driving you is all the stuff that you have picked up along the way, that you have not managed to keep out. Now not all of it is bad, but if you are not where you want to be in life, there is a fair bet that you have not been in total control. Otherwise you would be there.

Earl Nightingale in his famous recording “The Strangest Secret” says you are what you think about.

For most people, they don’t ever get told this and so they meander through life always thinking they are a victim of circumstance. Sometimes they get lucky, sometimes not. Never knowing, that they are really At Cause – they are the architect of all that has happened in their lives.

Now for some of you this might be a little confronting, as it was for me the first few (maybe a hundred) times I heard it.

It couldn’t possibly be true – or could it. Have I brought all that has happened to me, into being. The harsh reality is yes.

But as there is a silver lining in every cloud, the good news here is that you can now control your destiny going forward to get the result you want.

Like most things in life, this won’t happen with great certainty over night. But if you stick at it – as Earl Nightingale says, start with a 30 day test – you will get better at it.

Live the life of your dreams… why not? It is better than the alternative.

Next time we will talk about some exercises to help take control of your subconscious. But for now, I suggest that you download “The Strangest Secret” and listen to it a few times to get a true appreciation of what is possible.

Have a great week.





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