What is Freedom to You?

The Question Is What Is the Question?

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Today I’ll start with a question:

What is freedom?

Not by definition…I’m asking a more personal question and that is…

What is freedom to you?

It’s different for everyone.

My opinion is that freedom is more valuable than money.

Here we are in the ‘Land of the Free’ but when I look around I see people who feel caged, like they are on the ‘Effect’ side of someone else’s ‘Cause’.

If I asked everyone I met what it was they wanted, I guarantee you if we broke the answer down, we’d find that what they really want is to be free. We all connect freedom to something different, for some that’s money, for some it’s love, time, connection, travel, choice…the list is endless.

The challenge is this…we need to know what freedom is to us if we are going to achieve it (we are all free already, but what will make us realize and feel that freedom is different for everyone.)

I have received quite a few emails recently about ‘Visualizing’ and how to effectively use visualization…

One of the best exercises I can give you is to picture what ‘Freedom is to you’.

Remember do it in great detail…

Don’t tell me Freedom is lots of money, or love or anything else you may answer…

Get specific, tell me what your day will be like when you feel free. Don’t just paint the main part of the picture, fill in the background with as much color and detail as you can.

Leave me a comment, send me an email; I want to know what Freedom is to you. The more detail you give me the more I can help you achieve what it is you desire.

We’ll talk more about finding your purpose and making money from what you love, but based on the questions I’ve been getting from you, I realized we needed to spend more time on getting specific.

I want to know what you desire…share your picture with me…and keep coming back so we can take you step-by-step on your journey…



I thought this was worth reposting, as many people tell me what they don’t want, they also are not sure how to determine what it is. So I thought this was very relevant.

Hope you have a great Week!!


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