Always Be Prepared

By Craig Ballantyne

The New Early to Rise –

On Sunday afternoon my eight-and-a-half hour return flight from Copenhagen turned into a twelve-and-a-half hour ordeal. Thunderstorms shut down the Toronto airport and by the time we were re-routed, refuelled and returned, we had spent an extra four hours on the plane.

Fortunately, I was prepared. Stocked with three books and my laptop I was able to get through “SHAM” (a skewering of the self-help industry), Marshall Goldsmith’s classic, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”, and “Y-Size Your Business” (a book about hiring kids from Generation Y that I disliked and disagreed with). I’ll review Marshall’s book in a future ETR article.

The extra time also allowed me to write two ETR daily emails, two fitness articles for my blog, five workouts for a new fitness product, and the PowerPoint slideshow for an upcoming fitness seminar I’m doing this weekend.

In fact, it might have been my most productive 12 hours this summer. However, as I looked around the airplane during the flight and the subsequent delay, I noticed almost everyone else sat around twiddling their thumbs, even the businessmen who were traveling to Toronto for meetings. They simply weren’t properly prepared for an eight hour flight, let alone a twelve hour delayed flight.

Call me crazy, but I’m one of those people who will take work to the dentist office rather than reading three year old magazines. I also plan my next workday each night before I shut down my computer. And I teach my fat los clients to plan their meals and workouts for the week ahead.

The fact is that little gets accomplished unless you prepare.

If you get to work and are instantly overwhelmed by half-dozen projects on your desk, you’re not organized. And if you are struggling to get work done or breakthrough in your business, it’s time to take a good hard look at your work habits.

Are you being reactive or proactive?

Are you allowing your day to be dictated by the ‘fires’ that need to be put out?

Or are you showing up with a ‘to do’ list and attacking it first thing in the morning, preferably thirty minutes before anyone else shows up to start bothering you.

Showing up to work early and with a plan is Michael Masterson 101. He taught us this lesson over and over during the past 10 years.

Take time each day to plan tomorrow.

Take time each week to plan the next.

Your productivity will soar. Your stress will become manageable. Your time will be used properly, and you’ll get ahead.

To your success,

Start your day right – with work, food, and a good attitude. This all starts by planning and preparing the night before. Having a great day tomorrow is as simple as planning for one tonight.

Is this what you do? or do you just take it as it comes.

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  1. Properly said and with wonderful timing

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