I know…you’ve heard that before. But perhaps not the way I’m about to share with you.

Research done at the University of Arizona demonstrated that top golfers and archers tended to switch from a left brain focus, to a right brain focus, seconds before striking the ball or releasing the arrow. Meaning that they focused on their technique first, but right before execution, they switched their focus to visualising the ‘result’ they were after.

This is also the way I, and most other speakers, prepare for our seminars and speaking events. Several weeks before the seminar, we rigorously review our presentation to ensure that we cover everything we feel will benefit the audience (left brain focused).

But on the day of the event, we switch to right brain thinking, and we don’t even think about the seminar – in fact you can find most speaker hanging out with the audience, or listening to music and just focusing on helping others before walking onstage.

The right brain is where visualisation takes place. This is where you see a goal in your mind before it happens. Is it any wonder these people performed better? They were seeing where they wanted their ball or arrow to go, just seconds before the action took place.

This same mental skill helps people reach their goal bodyweight faster!

You simply practice seeing where you want to go; not where you are right now. However, I want you to take this a step further and visualise ‘during’ your workouts. See in your mind the body you want to achieve, or the lift you want to accomplish.

Make that picture the center of your focus. Avoid anything that might distract you — and yes, that includes looking in the mirror and complaining to yourself about how “out of shape” you are.

Those thoughts absolutely must be minimized, but not eliminated. Asking you to eliminate negative thinking would be impractical. But, if you do away with the majority of your negative thoughts and choose to visualize positive pictures of yourself instead, the results will amaze you.

Chris Guerriero
Host of the Energy Factor TV show

P.S. The reason some people have troubles dropping weight has nothing to do with will-power or over-eating… what’s been holding you back is your self-limiting thoughts, but you can automatically fix that so your body can finally shed all of that stubborn weight for good.


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