Where do you get your inspiration?

At this time of the year, many people are just starting back at work or they are still on their Christmas/New Year break.

We had one, had a great 12 days in Japan (brief interlude – if you haven’t been and you like to ski…do yourself a favour and book some time there it was great. If you want to find our more, leave a comment at the end)

Back to the topic.

So at this time of the year, people are still focused on; working on; thinking about; hanging onto; their New Year’s resolutions.

Did you set some?

Were they written down?

How are you going, staying on track?

Unfortunately for many people, this annual pilgrimage to the well of Resolutions ends up in the same sorry situation as last year.

We have all heard the definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result”. The consistent merry-go-round of making resolutions that often are dashed by January 31 are played out year after year, for millions around the world.

Gym owners love it, because in this day and age with Obesity being such a problem in Western Societies, losing weight and getting fit, tops most of the New Year’s Resolution lists.

Gym owners also love it because the resolution includes signing up for a year or 6 months, and within 5 weeks, most people allow habit and life to take over and they are no longer attending the gym. The gym owner still gets the money – good deal for them. Although I am sure they would rather see the people follow through on their goals.

And this challenge applies to most New Year’s resolutions – Whether that be giving up smoking; managing the finances better; giving up gambling/drinking/ etc, etc.

So how do we fix this?

Very good question you might say…

The answer lies not in some magic panacea(pill) as we are often told time after time by various popular magazines/celebrities.

The answer lies in people taking some responsibility for themselves, and going back to the definition of insanity.

Basically, if nothing changes…nothing changes.

So what real, consistent changes are you going to make if this applies to you? I know it applies to me at some level and I would hazard a guess to most people.

One solution that I might offer is in the title to todays blog.


What inspires you?

The motivation to start, continue, to finish and then keep up any real and significant change in reality needs to come from within. As within, so without.

What you have inside you is ultimately reflected externally. So if you are looking for the answer outside of you, go and have a look in the mirror, your solution will be staring at you. Intimidating??? Most people struggle with this realisation. However, when they overcome this the rest is quite easy.

Now for many of us we need external assistance if the change or changes are major, but as the Chinese saying goes – “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.

You need to start.

As I stated earlier, the inspiration to start is what is required. If you are not sure ask someone; look on the internet; watch a favourite movie; read a favourite book; go and sit on a rock somewhere with a pen and paper and think about what your life would need to look like for you to be inspired.

Then Start.

I will talk more next time about how to keep going once you start.

The most important thing is to START (did I already mention that?).

Don’t wait for the perfect time to start. That generally doesn’t happen, so just start.

I would love to hear your comments and I know others love to read them, so if you have anything to say, please leave a comment here or at

have a great week.



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9 Responses to Inspiration

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  2. David Hazlewood says:

    Hi Paul,
    great article, and a reminder of the importance of taking time out to plan where you would like to take your life.

  3. paul hicks says:

    One of your best

  4. Paula Simoes says:


    Great start to the year with this post and please keep posting….. always lots to take in

    Talk Soon


  5. Paul Motta says:

    It is likely that most peole at some point in their lives desire change and even find sufficient inspiration to change but then have no idea how to truly implement it. Finding the inspiration if it hasn’t already manifested itself is clearly important but it seems to me the true desire and the means to implement it must go hand in hand.

    It may also be relevant that in this day and age the source of the inspiration may be misconceived. For example, someone who wants to lose weight sees the perfect body on TV and is “inspired” to change theirs. It seems to me that something can only truly be inspitational if it is born out of a real commitment to make that change because for example, it is considered to be a life changing or defining event.

    The first step is crucial but there must also be something that makes the next steps irresistable.

  6. Peter Lawson says:

    Hi Paul
    Good article…..
    The whole crux of ideas and inspiration is implementation.
    An idea is only ever as good as its implementation.

    Peter Lawson

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