Commitment to Excellence – Long Term Success

Over the last week I have been fortunate to see two of the great rock acts over the last 25 years – Bon Jovi and U2. My personal favourite was U2, however, never having been an avid Bon Jovi fan prior to last night, I have to say I was very impressed.

The thing I got out of watching both of these wonderful acts was their dedication to an outstanding performance.

For Bon Jovi it was their last performance of the year (Dec 19), after kicking off the tour in Hawaii in February. That is a fairly demanding schedule.

What made last night even more meritorious was the fact that there was a major storm halfway through the performance, and the memory of Jon Bon Jovi standing out in the middle of the Sydney Football Stadium with the spotlights on him in teeming rain, (the lights made it look like he was the only one getting rained on) will probably last for a very long time. What made it even more memorable was that they performed for at least another 80 minutes past that point.

U2 were AMAZING. There was one point when they sang “With or Without You”, where I got a shiver up my spine. The stage was out of this world and the performance of over 2 hours was absolute quality.

In line with the theme of this Blog, the reason that I get to talk about my fun for the week was the lessons that we can all learn from these bands, it is not just the lead singers.

They have stood the test of time; they have outlasted many of their contemporaries who have faded away; they have attracted new fans along the way (in Bon Jovi’s case – me); but the overarching reason is their commitment to excellence and their Passion for what they do.

It was obvious watching Jon Bon Jovi walk out to the cheers of around 40,000 people that he was in his element. I heard an interview later last night about their attention to detail during their sound check on Friday afternoon.

It was really interesting to hear him say that they paid the same attention to their performances as professional athletes. That every little detail was important and that you should always be looking to improve. He said that if you weren’t looking to always be your best and give the best performance possible, why should the people turn up to watch. He also said they changed their set for every performance.

It would be easy to go out and repeat the same stuff night after night. But to mix it up the way they do, is a real testimony to their level of skill and talent.

That attitude certainly showed in his performance.

In his wonderful book “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the 10 year / 10,000 hour rule. Whereby he stated that was the length of time someone would have to commit to achieve Mastery at their chosen endeavour. Both of these bands have definitely achieved that.

Another lesson to learn is that nothing great is ever achieved without that commitment over a period of time. In the “Microwave” Society that we live in, too many people are not prepared to put in enough effort over a period of time to get the result they are after. They expect it to happen straight away, and if that doesn’t happen, they move on to the next item.

As Vince Lombardi said, “I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”

In this day and age, too often the person who works his heart out is not doing it for the fulfillment of all he holds dear (Lack of Passion or a Goal) or he isn’t working his heart out.

Then they wonder why they don’t get the result.

Work out what it is you truly desire and work your heart out, create great wealth for you, your family and those you can help and truly enjoy the victory.

have a great Christmas and a very safe, happy and prosperous New Year.


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  2. The old saying, “some people give up the day before they succeed” really comes to mind here. Whilst I am still on my journey 10 year journey, I still feel like every day I am just stratching the surface and there is so much to learn. I wish you all the best on yours

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