The Laws of Attraction at Work

By John Assaraf  – This is a copy of a Blog on John’s site from last month. I thought it tied in well to previous posts.

“Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the power which gave it birth—yourself.” —Genevieve Behrend

In the quantum universe, there are no accidents. There are no coincidences. Every particle and every action is accounted for. We live in a universe of absolute precision.

The world of thoughts and ideas, of human ingenuity, creativity and enterprise, is not separate from the world of chemistry and gravity and fields and forests. There are no separate rules—they all come from the same rulebook. The laws that govern the movement of subatomic particles and solar systems, also govern our thoughts and feelings, families and careers.

This fundamental truth is all too easy to forget as we go about out daily routines, because we seem to live in two worlds—the seen and the unseen—the world we can touch, taste and see, and the intangible world that lies hidden away behind the curtain of our senses.

The events and circumstances of your business take place in the seen world. It is the immense, hidden portion of the iceberg that most of us are unaware of 99 percent of the time, while the tangible, material world we think of as “real” is only the miniscule tip that juts above the surface of our conscious awareness.

What sunk the Titanic was the hidden part of the iceberg that nobody saw coming, the part beneath the surface. And that is the part that sinks every business that ends up closing its doors.

The creative process through which the unseen world gives birth to the circumstances and events of our lives is the Law of Attraction. There are actually a number of distinct principles at work within the Law of Attraction. Here are six ways to put the laws to work for you:

1. Everything starts as an idea. Everything in nature, every phenomenon starts in the universe, starts as an idea. Everything you manifest in your life follows the precise same pathway, from idea to physical form. We create from the nonphysical level, turning that which we can’t see, into that which we can.
2. Realize you are at cause in your life. Science has shown us that the principle of cause and effect applies to the mechanics of everything, including our thoughts. Things don’t randomly happen to you. Realize you are making things happen or not happen. Commit to being at cause and don’t blame external factors.
3. Understand how resonance is at work. Resonance, from the Latin meaning “to sound again” is simply the transfer of vibration from one medium to another. Thoughts held clearly and strongly enough can cause events in the physical world to happen.
4. Your dream is within the seed. The seed of your business is your vision. This is the groundwork for every successful business. Your vision needs to be clear and strong.
5. Be purposeful, patient and active. These three concepts enable the Laws of Attraction, Gestation and Action to work together. You will save yourself years of trial and error, and manifest what you want in your life and business much faster than you’ve ever created anything before.
6. Get clarity. The more clarity you create around your business in every aspect, from its largest objectives to the particulars in everyday actions, the more you harness the mind-boggling power of the quantum field to do your bidding and bring that idea into reality.
More detailed explanations on how these principles work can be found in John’s book, The Answer. This can be found at

The Answer for you: The universe is ready and willing to give you what you want, once you are clear on what it is.

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