Seminar Success

Well it finally happened…

After nearly five years of thinking and talking about running a seminar on how to generate business by Referral Selling (generation), I did it.

The great thing was that the attendees comments were 99% positive and the only comments not to have me clapping and cheering were technical in nature and easily rectified for future events.

This event is something that ties in closely with what has been discussed on this blog for the last 4 months.

I had a Reason and a good one to get it done. The WHY was much more important than the HOW.

Although I had a strong WHY, what I had to do to get it done was work with someone else. I needed some external accountability to ensure that even though this was something I had dreamt about, I was still held back from achieving the ultimate result.

However, the fact that I shared my dream and vision with someone else who brought into that dream and vision enabled me to achieve something, that until now I had managed not to do.

So if there are things that you want to achieve or you are afraid to start/Finish or even think about – for whatever reason – then maybe you need some assistance or support.

This support can take the form of a spouse / partner; mentor; paid coach (As in my case); valued friend, or even in some cases a random person that might trigger something in a conversation that leads you to start and ultimately achieve your result.

The funny thing about most major achievements – even if the credit is given to an individual – are never done by an individual in isolation.

Some of the major feats throughout history – Hillary’s ascent of Everest (Done with a Team), Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile (Done with the help of a “Rabbit”), Columbus finding the New World (He had 3 boats and the Crew on each) – none of these were done in isolation.

So if there is something that you need to get done and you haven’t been able to complete it (Or even start), for whatever reason, seek out some support – whether paid or not. It could be the answer.

Anyway I am now planning the growth of this portion of my business as I see a real opportunity in Australasia to help many more people and businesses to understand a “True Referral Selling Process” and how to implement it into their business.

The funny thing about this method of doing business, is that most people agree it is the best way to generate new business leads, yet not many people are able to do it on a consistent, proactive basis.

The thing is they don’t have a SYSTEM and even if they do, it is not predictable.

If you are interested in How Belief First can deliver a steady stream of Referrals ideal for your business, please leave a comment and we will contact you.

Have and awesome week.

One quote to leave you with “Average people compare themselves with other people. That is why they are average. I compare myself to my potential.” Andy Andrews

Why not be your Best? It is your Life, make it the best life Possible.


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