The Reason…

What is your Reason?

That is a question that could have the following meanings:

Your Goal; Your Purpose: Your Why; Your Desire; Your Plan; Your Focus…

Essentially it is all about WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO!

Unfortunately, when asked this type of question a lot of people are not clear about the answer. They can come up with a few things they rattle off, however, they tend to incorporate a lot of generalisations, they are vague or they toss-up a few concepts or ideas that they think you want to hear.

You get what you Focus on.

Therefore, a lot of people have vague, generalisation types of lives. Very Vanilla. They look like the people across the street, down the road and in the next town or suburb.

This is especially common in the middle class suburbs in Westernised economies, where it is not the thing to do to be different. So we all go through the motions, working away, dismissing our dreams and aspirations as things that someone else does, because we can’t find the time in our BUSY lives, to spend a few hours planning out what we really want in life.

Napoleon Hill talked about it in “Think and Grow Rich”, Bob Proctor speaks about it in his “Born Rich” program, Wallace D. Wattles wrote a whole book, “The Science of Getting Rich”, etc.

What they spoke about was working out what you want, very clearly, then focusing on that (with action), till it was achieved.

The funny thing is that when you or I do this it works. The funny thing is we don’t do it. I mean funny till you get too old to do something about it.

Jeff Olsen spoke about the concept of the “Slight Edge”. This was the minute difference between what it took to succeed and not succeed. “If something was easy to do, it was also easy not to do”.

Quite often the things that were easy to do were things like exercise regularly, eat a nutritious healthy diet, save a regular amount of your income. All things that are easy to do…or not.

This brings me back to the first question that I asked.

If you have a strong enough Reason/Why/Goal/Focus, then the things that are easy to do are supported with self-discipline that magically appears when there is some Desire to achieve a defined outcome.

If you are unhappy with your lot in life, or you want more than you now have, sit down with a pad and a pen and start designing the life of your dreams.

If you are not sure what to do, or you need a hand, contact me via the comments and we will get you started.

Have an awesome week.



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2 Responses to The Reason…

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  2. paul hicks says:

    This sounds a lot like myself.

    Have a great day

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