How versus Why – Second Half

Further to my missive about the How of your life, versus the Why.

The people who tend to do better overall in life are the dreamers, the creative people, the visionaries. The question they ask is Why???

The people who make things happen are those people who ask Why would I do this?

The majority of people, are those people who don’t ask why, they ask how? Not whether they would be able to do something, but HOW would they do it? HOW would they get the money? HOW would they get employed?

HOW is a stopping question. It makes you stop in your tracks to determine if it is possible.

WHY Is a forward moving question that makes you think. It is an inspiring question as it asks WHY would you do something. WHAT Is your REASON?

Without a Goal or Reason or Driving Force, Some sort of INSPIRATION, nothing great would ever be achieved.

How and Why are both related to managing and leading. How is more about Managing and Why is more related to Leadership.

As General  George S. Patton Jr. said: ‘A piece of spaghetti or a military unit can only be led from the front end.’ – How is pushing it (Managing – Telling), Why is about Pulling it (Leadership – Inspiring). Try it if you cant picture the concept.

If you are not happy with where you are, start asking yourself What you want out of life. Then why would you want that? What does it look like when you get it? What about that inspires you? What would you have to do to achieve it? This all wraps up into the why.

Most people get stuck where they are, looking at what they don’t want and even if they look forward, they get stuck on how they would go from where they are to the future version. They are trying to push the Spaghetti.

If you are not happy with your life, career, relationships, financial position, friends, etc….

Then spend some of the valuable time you are allocating to your current life, and work out what it is you want. Change the questions you are asking yourself and as if by magic, you will get different answers.

Instead of asking Why am I here (see last weeks post), Ask Why would I want to change and what does it look like if I do.

Then do something….movement is the key, Action Cures Fear.

Most people get stuck, because they ask the wrong questions of themselves and others and then are to fearful to take any real action to change.

have an awesome week.

You can live the life you want…. you only have to BELIEVE.

Interesting Footnote, there are 6.5billion people in the world, yet only 1,500 Billionaires. They just think and act differently, they are not super human. They just have super thinking and awesome belief.



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2 Responses to How versus Why – Second Half

  1. paul hicks says:

    Good comments interesting note that there is only 1.5 billionairs

  2. belief1st says:

    very true as a percentage it is only 0.00002308% of the population.

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