how versus why – the future and the past


Albert Einstein

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it is interesting that when we talk to most people and we suggest a way to change what is possible or suggest something new that may change their future, the first question they ask… or their first thought is HOW can I do it or HOW can I get it done.

The funny thing is that these same people use the light switch to light a room or drive their car without giving it a second thought about how the engine works or the light is delivered.

But offer them a way to change their life, and they ask HOW?

A better question for them would be WHY would I want to do that. Once they have thought through WHY they would pursue a course of action to achieve a certain result and have internalised those reasons, they are much more likely to do what they need to do, than if they get caught up in trying to work out HOW they could achieve whatever it is you are speaking about.

The WHY or Reason is attached to your dream. The HOW Is not anywhere near as important.

The HOW question is attached to your ego and our wish to be in control, or be the sole determinant of our success. The WHY question is about creativity, intuition, Source or divine intervention. It is about not having to know the whole thing (which isn’t really possible). It is more about strong belief in your ability to be your best. It requires an element of trust and faith in the first instance, however, the better you get at it, the more you will manifest your many desires. (Thanks Harrison)

Dream, Dream, Dream….

The funny thing, is that is how it works looking into the future.

If you look back in the past the reverse is true. If we ask WHY about a past event or happening, what we are looking at is to apportion blame, or find a reason that something happened. What this tends to do is get you stuck in the problem, and as Albert Einstein said, “the thinking that created the problem generally won’t solve the problem.”

So the better question to ask about a past event that was not a positive, is HOW do we prevent that from happening again. In the past, the HOW question gets you focused on moving forward.

So in essence, to look forward WHY is the right question.

to look back, but not get stuck. HOW (do i not do that again, or get that result again, or if it is a positive, HOW do we get a similar or same result), is the right question.

Have a great week, and tell me if this helps.


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  1. Phil Howlett says:

    very good read

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