What is the most important thing????

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Depending on what you are looking at; reading; listening to; there are so many experts that are expounding the value of this concept, or that idea, or the other “unique” way to attract things into your life.

I have found it a real challenge….

The hardest part is that each time I read something different They all said something a little different, BUT THEY ALL MAKE SENSE.

(I am now subscribed to about 40 different e-newsletters. The funny thing is that I have un-subscribed from about 70 others.)

The problem with this though, is you get a little like a child in a candy store, every new thing that comes along looks better than the last – The thing is you can really only focus on one thing at a time…

Multi-tasking. the Buzzword of the ninety’s is really a retardant to truly effective performance. It has been shown that your IQ reduces by up to 10-15 points whilst multi-tasking.

Truly great performances are delivered after a period of focussed effort.

The challenge in most Westernised Societies is the inability of most people to focus on what is important. It seems like productivity is the King – How much can you do; How long can you work; How many widgets can you produce.

This is in complete opposition to the those artisans who produce outstanding pieces of art, film, writing, music, athletic performance, etc.

The best line I have heard recently (and it was the title of a book by Chin Ning Chu) was “Do Less, Achieve More”. The focus today is more on quantity, rather than quality.

The funny thing is that we are prepared to pay more for quality, we all prefer quality, yet in complete opposition to what we prefer, we push onto others, services and goods that are based around quantity, then expect to charge them for quality.

The same with the results we get in our own lives. We try to fit so much in that we often miss the most important things, like:

  • Sunsets
  • Kids growing up
  • Time with our families
  • Time with our Friends
  • Time to get healthy
  • Time to learn more
  • Time to Read
  • Time to Play Golf

the list is endless.

What or Who do you need to make time for????


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