Tjörnes peninsula

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Why is it that the things we say we want to have, or be or do the most, are the things that are the hardest to have, get done or be?

Is it that we make it seem hard?

Quite often it is through procrastination or fear (Of what I am not sure), that we are held back from that which is what we perceive we want.

I am finding that the more I stop thinking about these things and just plough on and get them done, the less difficult they seem, and there is then less struggle… or that is what it seems.

this blog is a perfect example. I thought to write 2 blogs a week, would not be that hard. But oh what a struggle it has been.

What is it that you are finding difficult to do, either as a one-off or something that you need to do consistently.

Have a great week. and go the Bulldogs (2011).


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