Lack of Consistency (Part 2)

well that was an interesting experience.

Here I was 10 days ago talking about lack of consistency…and what happens. No BLOG for 10 days.

This is what happens. It is our direction not our Intention that determines our results and ultimate destination. Pastor Andy Stanley wrote a great book called “The Principle of the Path”.

In this book he outlines how quite often we tell ourselves that we are OK, we are heading in the right direction…

However, In many cases these are just stories we tell ourselves to justify our position; why we aren’t achieving our true greatness; whatever the limiting beliefs are that hold us back.

When it all boils down to it, the secret to success is to have a definiteness of purpose and work towards that purpose without deviation.

The biggest problem for most people in our society is that we are far too easily distracted, we don’t have a clear idea of what it is we want, and it is easier to succeed at Mediocrity than it is to fail at striving for our goals. Which inevitably puts you far ahead of mediocre.

My inability to keep my promise to myself of 2 blogs a week, after only 3 attempts is a classic example. The challenge now is to do it.

What is it that you know you want to do on a consistent basis but find it hard to do???


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1 Response to Lack of Consistency (Part 2)

  1. paul hicks says:

    I AM in agreence, the problem is that once you go down a path it is hard to turn back.
    Those mistakes are made and even thuogh you know it is dragging you down it is very hard to break the shackles so to speak.
    What is in the statemnet from the pastor is correct.
    You see the error of your ways and are reminded by the people who you owe money to everyday more than you see the good of what you are trying to achieve.

    Paul Hicks

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