Lack of Consistency

One of the great challenges to succeeding at anything is the ability to apply consistent effort or work to the endeavour at hand.

Why is this so?

Our beliefs play a large part in our ability to apply consistent effort. Or more specifically it is our limiting beliefs. These are the beliefs that we have about ourselves, our talents and our abilities, that hold us back; that we are not good enough; that we don’t deserve the success that we are creating or developing.

We all know people like this…

They seem to be heading for great things – then at the last minute they do something, or they put themselves in a position where it all falls apart.

Has this ever happened to you????

If it has how have you dealt with it?

Have you actually recognised this for what it is, or have you done what a lot of people do and find someone or something to blame for the situation that we now find ourselves in.

The first step to combatting this sort of behaviour is awareness.

Have a great week. Next time we can talk about solutions.



About belief1st

business coach; referral sales trainer; Sports lover; Networker; Avid reader and Life Long Learner
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